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Bathroom renovations 

can have a significant impact on the way people use and view their homes. A clean, beautiful space can make homeowners’ daily routines that much more pleasant and potentially add value to the house. But, regardless of the numerous benefits a bathroom remodeling project holds, it’s a big job and should be thought about seriously.

As plumbing renovation experts we explain the reasons why people get bathroom renovations usually fall into three categories. People may either need a bathroom that functions differently, one that’s more modern and stylish, or a bathroom that’s clean and undamaged.

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation in your own home, it may be smart to look at

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the reasons other people begin this significant home remodeling project. It may even give you new bathroom renovation ideas!

1. Functional improvement 

Thomas Plumbers explain that as people grow older, different shower options become more appealing because of their safety. When a home has multiple bathtubs, she said that people often choose to turn one into a large shower. As well as being luxurious and looking great, turning a former bathtub into a walk-in shower eliminates a significant slipping hazard – stepping over the tub’s curb.

Showers can be installed that have minimal or no curbs, which are easier to step over and look modern. Seats and handles in the shower, lower sinks and other functional modifications that make the bathroom more friendly to people with limited mobility are also popular in bathroom makeovers for a stylish appeal.

2. In need of repair 

Some bathrooms simply need a renovation. It’s not just the dirt and grime that can build up in a well-used bathroom – there is often structural damage that leads to bigger problems down the road. Cracked floor tiles, excessive mold or water damage to the ceiling below the shower may be signs of leaks or problems which require more than surface repair.

Although fixing broken fixtures or mending damage may be a popular reason for a bathroom renovation, for some it may be an excuse to finally create the bathroom they’ve always wanted as well.

3. Update the look 

Modernizing or improving the look of the bathroom is one of the most popular reasons for a bathroom remodeling. Sometimes people get tired of the bright blue fixtures that were there when they moved in, while other times people just want more use of the space. They want to update the space to include more storage or larger fixtures.

We at Thomas Plumbers always advises our clients to look to the future to decide whether they want to renovate their bathroom and how they should do it.

“We always ask people to consider how long they’re planning to stay in the home. If they are planning to grow old in the home, to make sure that they make it age appropriate and something they can grow into. So they don’t say, ‘Why did we keep this tub?'”

These popular reasons for making over your bathroom may help you decide whether or not it’s time to update your space.

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